New Tradition

Transcript: Pete: Turkey, it's Thanksgiving time, so give yourself up. Turkey: If you get any closer, I'll fire one of these cannons at you, the other at your dog! Pete: New Thanksgiving tradition, Thanksgiving tofu. Ono: Hmm...…


Recently, I visited a national park to go hiking. The park had cougars roaming around freely within it. According to the park’s information center, cougars go by several other names, like panthers, pumas, American lions, mountain lions,…


-Transcript- Pete: Help me down from 'ere. Yuki: How did ya' get caught up? Pete: Was tryin' to get that giant ruby. Ono: You know I set this trap to catch the jewel thief? Pete: Now we do.

Talking About Speech Balloons: Introduction

Speech balloons can also be referred to as speech bubbles, dialogue balloons, or word balloons. In this series it will be referred to as a speech balloon. A speech balloon is a graphic to convey a message from a character either by speech…


Ono: Is this the way back home? Pete: Aye, let's keep goin'! Ono: This doesn't look right. Pete: Keep goin'. Ono: I don't recognize this place. Pete: We be takin' the scenic route. Keep movin'.