-Transcript- Pete: Help me down from 'ere. Yuki: How did ya' get caught up? Pete: Was tryin' to get that giant ruby. Ono: You know I set this trap to catch the jewel thief? Pete: Now we do.

Talking About Speech Balloons: Introduction

Speech balloons can also be referred to as speech bubbles, dialogue balloons, or word balloons. In this series it will be referred to as a speech balloon. A speech balloon is a graphic to convey a message from a character either by speech…


Ono: Is this the way back home? Pete: Aye, let's keep goin'! Ono: This doesn't look right. Pete: Keep goin'. Ono: I don't recognize this place. Pete: We be takin' the scenic route. Keep movin'.


Life is filled with people rushing from one thing to another. We rush to the doctor and then sit in a waiting room, reading a stale magazine we looked at the last time we were there. We rush to the cinema and then sit watching 25 minutes…

Ask an Artist July 2017 Roundup

I write a series called "Ask an Artist" at Comic Indie where I field a question and compile the responses from the writers and artists at Comic Indie. Here are my compiled my personal responses for the month of July. Question #1: How do…