jphistudio presents July 2020

I started a new cartoon series called, "jphistudio presents". It's tagline is "Random comic for random times." On the most part, I plan they will be one panel. Every now and then I'll incorporate trivia, like the one featured about an

Mateys Book 2

The second Matey's comic book, "Attack of the Sludge Monster" is now available! There are 24 pages packed of fun and goodness. Purchase a physical or electronic copy at: Indyplanet.

Cinematography in Comics: Height

Comics and movies are both visual mediums, sharing image elements. A comic panel is like a cinematography's camera shot, being the audience's point of view. This is the second part of a series discussing cinematography elements that can be

Cinematography in Comics: Distance

Movies and comics are both visual mediums conveying a story; they both share image elements. A comic panel is like a cinematography's camera shot, it's the audience's point of view. To effectively communicate an interesting, dynamic story,

Panel Flow

Panel flow is the manner in which an artist places panels on a page encouraging a reader to follow in a certain direction. An artist places visual queues, like a guiding map, so a reader's eyes will follow the page until completion. This

Panel Shapes

Panel shapes can be used to create a wide variety of visual effects. Typically, a panel shape is square or rectangular, but it doesn't have to be. This is the third part of a four-part series discussing a comic page's panel layout.