Ask An Artist June 2017 Roundup

I write weekly Friday articles called “Ask an Artist” at Comic Indie where I field a question and compile the responses from the writers and artists at Comic Indie. I compiled my personal responses for June.

Question#1: How do you overcome writer’s block?

1. Listen to music.

2. Go for a walk/exercise.

3. Work on another project.

4. Read a book/magazine/inspiring quotes.

5. Give yourself permission to write poorly. Sometimes we get caught up trying to come up with the perfect word phrasing for something. Let loose and don’t worry about the details. You can always come back later and edit it.

6. Get inspired by a muse. If you don’t have a muse, order one online, just make sure you don’t order a moose instead. That autocorrect feature sometimes gets it wrong. When you get a moose, they’re so hard to get rid of.

Question #2: How do you stay motivated?

Truly be in love with your idea (hopefully it will love you back). If you don’t love your concept, you won’t have the heart to stay committed to it. Make it for yourself, not to please others. I enjoy having fans and receiving comments from them, but people have different tastes which may differ from you. In the past, I completed a 130+ page graphic webcomic that had only about 20 fans and didn’t receive many comments. I continued until completion because I loved the storyline. It took me a long time to complete. I learned so much from the experience.


Question# 3: How do you find a writer to collaborate with?

1) List genres you are open to drawing and specific things you’re not interested in drawing (ex: I cannot draw mechas, no nudity).
2) Include art samples, preferably sequential art.
3) Explain the target audience (ex: all audience, kids, adults only)
4) List the communication methods you’re open to using with the writer (ex: email, Facetime, Google Hangout)
5) Explain compensation arrangements (ex: split profits 50/50)
6) Ask for script examples. If there are a lot of misspellings or it is confusing, move on.
7) List the best way for the writer to contact you.
8) I currently post my comic on ComicFury, which has a forum for collaborations. On that site there are many writers from around the world who would love to work with an artist to bring their scripts to life in a visual medium. You can also join Comic Indie’s Facebook page for local writers who would be interested in collaborations too.

Question#4: What are common mistakes for newbies and how can they be avoided?

Have family, friends, enemies…well, may not your enemies, but have other people proofread your work. You may think your writing is wonderful and concise, but you may be blind to things that others will catch.”

To read all the other responses to these questions from other writers and artists. Please go check out Comic Indie.

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