Ask An Artist May 2017 Roundup

I write weekly Friday articles at A reoccurring feature is called “Ask an Artist” where I field a question and compile the responses from the writers and artists at Comic Indie. With this post I compiled all of my personal responses for May and rounded them up into one article to share with you all.

Question # 1: What is one of your biggest comic artist pet peeves?

“Speech balloon tails should point to the open mouth of the character delivering the message. It bothers me when I see an artist pointing their tails toward a character’s closed mouth or toward a different part of their body.”

Question #2: What’s a tip for drawing or writing efficiently?

“I place my dialogue down first on a page, so I don’t waste a lot of time drawing beautiful background details that others can’t see as it gets covered by speech balloons.” 

Question # 3: What inspires you to come up with your creative ideas?

“Interaction with friends and family inspires a lot of material. Some of you may be saying, ‘My family and friends are real boring.’ Sorry to hear that dude. If you don’t have a funny family or friends, I suggest getting a funny pet to help get those creative comic juices flowing and inspire material. Spend a little time with them before taking them home to make sure they make you laugh with their zany antics. Of course, I guess you can get a grumpy cat if your project is some type of sad tragedy.”Question # 4: How do you find time to work on your project(s)?

“Know your personal peak time of the day. Devote time to work on your project during that peak time a few times week. I’m a morning person. A few times a week, I wake up early so that I may dedicate undistracted time to work on my projects before going to my job.”

If you wish to see all the responses from other artists, please head on over to and check them out.

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