Legendary Tongue Twisters

A collection of amusing phrases sure to challenge your tongue. Each page receives the royal treatment of having one dedicated letter of the alphabet along with a word game in large print accompanied by a comical illustration inspired by

The Big Deal-Get Antsy Ch 1: Busted

"Ready for some fun catching bad guys?' Agent Heart asked with an anxious thumb hovering above a red detonator button. She stared up the office building's staircase, past Agent Club, where a plastic explosive was on a closed door leading

jphistudio presents September 2020

It is difficult getting traction for a new comic, especially when it is in a different format than the others one you previously had an audience for. I took a break from posting August comics for "jphistudio presents." Here are the

New Character Designs

Effective and efficient character design conveys traits and personality. The use of colors and shapes communicates information to the audience. I previously wrote about 10 tips for character design. I used information from that article and

jphistudio presents July 2020

I started a new cartoon series called, "jphistudio presents". It's tagline is "Random comic for random times." On the most part, I plan they will be one panel. Every now and then I'll incorporate trivia, like the one featured about an

Mateys Book 2

The second Matey's comic book, "Attack of the Sludge Monster" is now available! There are 24 pages packed of fun and goodness. Purchase a physical or electronic copy at: Indyplanet.

Cinematography in Comics: Height

Comics and movies are both visual mediums, sharing image elements. A comic panel is like a cinematography's camera shot, being the audience's point of view. This is the second part of a series discussing cinematography elements that can be

Cinematography in Comics: Distance

Movies and comics are both visual mediums conveying a story; they both share image elements. A comic panel is like a cinematography's camera shot, it's the audience's point of view. To effectively communicate an interesting, dynamic story,

Panel Flow

Panel flow is the manner in which an artist places panels on a page encouraging a reader to follow in a certain direction. An artist places visual queues, like a guiding map, so a reader's eyes will follow the page until completion. This

Panel Shapes

Panel shapes can be used to create a wide variety of visual effects. Typically, a panel shape is square or rectangular, but it doesn't have to be. This is the third part of a four part series discussing a comic page's panel layout.