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Transcript: Helga: It snowed last night! It's beautiful. Ono: Don't let the beauty fool you. It's dangerous outside. Ono: I'll build the fort. Make giant snowballs for the catapults. Helga: Wouldn't you rather make a snowman?…

Merry Christmas 2017

Transcript: Claus: I hate the food the reindeer eat! Their farts are so smelly! And those Elves! They're so very noisy all of the time! Claus: I've talked for three hours non-stop! Thanks for listening to me. I'll be on my way. Merry…

New Tradition

Transcript: Pete: Turkey, it's Thanksgiving time, so give yourself up. Turkey: If you get any closer, I'll fire one of these cannons at you, the other at your dog! Pete: New Thanksgiving tradition, Thanksgiving tofu. Ono: Hmm...…


-Transcript- Pete: Help me down from 'ere. Yuki: How did ya' get caught up? Pete: Was tryin' to get that giant ruby. Ono: You know I set this trap to catch the jewel thief? Pete: Now we do.


Ono: Is this the way back home? Pete: Aye, let's keep goin'! Ono: This doesn't look right. Pete: Keep goin'. Ono: I don't recognize this place. Pete: We be takin' the scenic route. Keep movin'.


-Transcript- Pete: Why are you wearing a tan uniform? Ono: (dressed in a tan uniform) I'm doing reconnaissance in a desert. Later... Ono: (dressed in a camouflage outfit) I'm doing reconnaissance in a field. Later... Ono:…


-Transcript- Ono: Look a rainbow! Pete: Let's find t' end o' it 'n get t' pot o' gold! Pete: Where be t' gold? Down on his luck Leprechaun sitting next to a "Will dance a jog for food" sign: Due to the present economic…

Fighting Fish

-Transcript- Fish #1: You dare trespass upon the water of the fighting fish? Ono: I'm just out for  a swim. Fish #1: We shall spit in your face! Fish #2: Slap you with our fins! Fish # 3: Bite you with our tiny teeth!…


Transcript: Pete: My name be Pete. This be Kade t' neighbor. Ono: I'm Ono. May I see the room? Pete: This be t' place. Ono: Very nice. It'll do. Pete: Where did he go? Ono: I am ninja!

Enter the Ninja

-Transcript- Ono: I'm here about the ad for a room. Pete: I ain't rentin' a room t' a ninja. Ono: I can pay rent in gold, three months in advance. Pete: I be open-minded. Welcome aboard.