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Panel Size

An artist can elect to use a consistent panel size all the same throughout a project or utilize a variety of sizes to impact pacing and tone. This is the second part of a four-part series discussing a comic page's panel layout. Small

Panel Layout-Introduction

Panel layout is the design concept a comic artist utilizes to convey visual and written information. There is a wide variety how an artist may elect to communicate their ideas. The methods can range from a simple, straightforward panel

My Drawing Concept Process

I thought I would write an entry about my drawing concept process. Here are the step I follow with an example of a recent drawing. 1) Come up with a concept/idea. I typically sketch my drawing with pencil and paper. My best ideas come

How to Create your own Comic Book

I participated in the panel discussion “How to create your own comic book” at Houston's Comicpoolza, a pop-culture convention. I delivered the first section. My friend Jay spoke for the second half discussing scripting and artwork. Here are…

Why and When to Break a Panel Border

I came across an interesting question when I was on Comicfury's webcomic forums. An individual asked for assistance with references or tutorials going over the subject of panel borders. I thought the topic of panels is great material for a…

Direction Movement of an Object in a Comic

Are you going the wrong way? Let me point you in the right direction with a tutorial about the direction movement of an object in a comic. I will be referring to Western comics, which are read from left to right. Eastern/Manga comics are…