Little Bird

Aren't we all meant to fly?

My father enjoys watching birds outside of his house. One year for Father’s Day I purchased him a concrete birdbath shaped like a giant open tulip. For a time, he set it in the backyard and would watch the birds from one of the rear windows inside the house. I would come to watch them too sometimes.

Once while I was in the backyard, there were some birds playing in the bath. I saw one wobble around differently than the rest. I slowly approached them so as not to scare them away. I was curious to see why that bird hopped around as she did. I eventually came to realize the bird was missing the lower part of one leg, so she balanced herself with the other.

She chirped and sang like the other birds. She jumped from the edge of the bath and into the pool of water then back out again like her friends. And eventually, she flew away just like them. Despite her disability, that bird learned to play and have fun in life just like any other, she overcame her challenge. When she soared in the sky, you couldn’t even tell she was missing a leg.

Sometimes I get overburdened with my life, I feel grounded with a bunch of problems and wish I could be more like that little bird. Because really, aren’t we all meant to fly?

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