Samson’s Later Life

Judges 16

Abbreviated version with a lot of personal commentary.

One day, Samson went to a place called Gaza. He saw a lady of the night and spent some “time” with her. He took a vow, where he can’t drink, cut his hair, and can’t touch dead people, but he can go messing around with a lady of the night? I think that vow had a loophole. Samson’s enemies received the news he was in town. They devised a plan to attack him at dawn at the city gate. But Samson left in the middle of the night. Dudes, you can’t worry about your beauty rest, you need to stop farting around and attack this dude when you get the chance! Anyway, just for kicks Samson trashed the city gate when he left. Why no one woke up and heard all the noise? I don’t know.

Later, he fell in love again, this time with a Philistine lady named Delilah. If you didn’t remember from last time, when he falls in love, he falls hard, and usually there aren’t good results. The Philistines offered her a lot of money if she revealed the secret for his strength and how they can tie and subdue him. Delilah liked the Philistines’ offer.

Next time she saw Samson she asked, “How did you get so strong? You work out at the gym?  And how can you be tied up and subdued?” I don’t know about you, but if a girl I am dating asks me that last question, red flag, red flag! Samson lied, “Tie me up with seven bowstrings and I will be weak like any other man. It is my kryptonite.”

The Philistines brought seven bowstrings and she tied him with them. When the Philistines attacked him, he easily broke the straps.

Afterwards Delilah was mad, “You played me a fool, you lied to me! Tell me how you can be tied.”

Samson responded, “New ropes that have never been used.”

She tried that. The Philistines attacked. Samson easily broke free.

Delilah became mad again and said, “You played me a fool, you lied to me again. Tell me how you can be tied.”

Samson responded with some complicated hair style that includes placing seven braids of his head into a fabric on a loom and tightening it with a pin. She tried that. The Philistines attacked. Samson easily broke free.

You see a pattern here, right?

Delilah was livid and wondered how he can say that he loves her but won’t confide his secrets with her. She nagged him, until he broke down and admitted shaving his head would leave him vulnerable.

Shortly thereafter, she plotted with the Philistines to have his head shaved. This time when the Philistines attacked, Samson was subdued. They gouged his eyes and forced him to grind grain in a prison.

Sometime after, the Philistines threw a party to celebrate Samson’s capture. They thought that their god had delivered Samson to them. To gloat they ordered, “Bring out Samson the Baldy to entertain us.” Unbeknownst to the Philistines, the hair on his head began to grow back after it had been shaved. That man was folliclly blessed.

Samson came out among them, standing between two pillars. For most of his life, Samson had been over-confident in himself, but at this moment he was humbled and acknowledged his need for God. He prayed, “Lord remember me. Please let me have an opportunity to trash this party.” The Lord obliged, and used him to punish the Philistines. Samson shoved the pillars and the house came crashing down, killing everybody, including Samson.

His family took his body and buried it in his father’s tomb. He had led Israel for twenty years.

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