Shopping Cart

One day I was driving to the grocery store, because, you know, that’s where I meet ladies. Before I reached the store, I passed a few abandoned shopping carts lying around the side of the street. I felt sorry for the homeless carts.

When I arrived at the store, I took a shopping cart. Even though I did not have a lot of things to buy, I like using the big, metal ones. I don’t like the small, plastic handheld baskets, they are very dainty. They look like something red riding hood would swing around as she skipped her way to Grandma’s house. No, they aren’t for me. I’ll leave those to others to frolic around with. I’ll take the big, shopping cart. It’s metal and bigger. I bet if it came down to it, if you were attacked by a bear or a lion, those smaller baskets wouldn’t hold up, while the metal ones, I bet they could cause some damage. Of course, there aren’t too many bears or lions at the grocery store, well at least not at the ones I shop at…

I started off driving my shopping cart, but I had a bad one. The front left wheel was okay, it pointed straight like it was supposed to. But the rear left wheel, it wanted to go left, the rear right wheel, it wanted to go right. And the front right wheel, well that one did not even touch the ground. It just spun around and around in circles, looking around at the world, probably saying to itself, “Wow, I hadn’t noticed that before! Hey what is that, a new display of cookies?”

Needless to say, it gave me a very shaky ride.

Sometimes we can stray off like the homeless shopping carts, far from home and away from our heavenly Father. And what use are we out there by ourselves? We aren’t meant to be out there, alone. But the great difference is, unlike the carts, we can always come back if we choose to do so.

And like the wheels of the cart, we can be in a group, whether it be at church, school, work or in your family, and not be going in the same direction. It causes life to be shaky, and the ride rough. We all need to work together toward the same goal, and all have the same focus toward God.

Oh, and a bit of advice for the guys, it’s difficult to flirt with the ladies when you have a shaky cart. Trade it in for a smoother riding cart.

(Disclaimer: This was written back when I was single. I am now happily married. I met my wife at a restaurant, not a grocery store.)

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