The Big Deal-Get Antsy Ch 1: Busted

“Ready for some fun catching bad guys?’ Agent Heart asked with an anxious thumb hovering above a red detonator button. She stared up the office building’s staircase, past Agent Club, where a plastic explosive was on a closed door leading to the rooftop.

“Let’s go,” Club’s baritone voice rumbled. His large frame bobbed in agreement.

Four special task law enforcement agents sat crouched together in a building stairway, a safe distance away from the door. They wore gray tactical armor comprised of a full-faced helmet, a padded jumpsuit with a thick vest, gloves, and steel-toed combat boots. Each carried a shock gun rifle set on high stun. Different emblems were sewn on their shoulders: a red heart, a green club, a blue spade, and a white diamond.

Heart dramatically pressed the detonator button. Nothing happened. She then held up and pointed the device toward the door, jamming the knob with no change to their situation.

“Did you check the batteries?” asked Agent Spade, their leader. He was between Agent Heart and Agent Diamond who was hanging back in the rear. 

Heart shook the detonator before trying a third time which was not a charm. “No, I didn’t. Was that part of the checklist?”

Spade responded with frustration, “We need to write out ‘Check detonator batteries’ to the list? Do we need to get that granular? Next, you’ll want, ‘Wear clean underwear.'”

“I’m not wearing underwear,” Heart muttered.

“You’re wearing red roses today,” Diamond revealed confidently.

“That’s top secret roommate info your disclosing,” retorted Heart.

“Can we get back to the mission now?” Club growled. “Lemme kick down the door.”

“Negative, there’s a bomb on the door,” Spade explained. “Shoot the explosive.”

Club fired his weapon detonating the bomb, shredding the door into pieces. The remains swung open and flailed upon its hinges.

The four quickly charged up the stairs with their rifles ready. They emerged to a tangerine and lavender dusk sky. The building’s night roof lights were already activated. The cityscape was comprised of mid-rise office buildings with darkened windows, as it was a late Saturday afternoon.

In the center of the roof two groups met. Members of the Porcupine Posse donned spiky haircuts, fancy brown tracksuits, and black masks over their noses and mouths. Three stood on the roof while their pilot, wearing a headset, waited in a helicopter, until they completed their transaction.

There was also a trio of the Ant Colony dressed in luchador outfits, masks, and all. The muscular Crazy Ant wore a reddish-brown wrestling singlet. The athletic Acrobat Ant was clad in black with a fanny pack belt across her waist. Their leader, Pharaoh Ant, stood stout at four feet dressed in gold with a short purple cape. Their awaiting floating vehicle was the ebony Flying Ant airship. It had a wooden ramp extended resting on the roof’s edge. An anchor rope was tied around one of the building’s metal poles present on the roof.

The two groups had been engaged in a transaction trading metal briefcases when they were interrupted by the law enforcement agency.

“It’s the Big Deal!” Pharaoh loudly hissed with a clenched fist.

“Everyone stand still, raise your hands slowly in the air where we can see them!” Spade ordered.

No one complied. The criminals scattered, running different directions.

“Club! I’ll destroy you!” Crazy Ant lunged toward him.

Club fired a shock bullet, splattering a fluorescent green liquid that spread an electric current onto the luchador’s chest. The hit barely phased the wrestler, only making him angrier. Club discarded his rifle as he was pummeled to the ground. The agent rolled away, then made his way back to his hands and knees, facing the wrestler, careful not to have his back turned toward him.

Spade shot three of the Porcupine Posse in quick succession with his shock rifle, rendering them unconscious. Quivers from their weapons were scattered along his vest, but none had penetrated the body armor. He waved for the last member of their group out of the helicopter. The pilot’s eyes widened as Spade approached; he turned on the engine and the blades slowly came to life. Spade looked annoyed when he stepped up and opened the cockpit door. “You waited too long and you left the door unlocked!” The pilot sat frozen staring back at him. Spade shot him with the stun rifle. He pushed aside the pilot down on the seat and turned off the helicopter engine. After closing the door, he yanked several quills from his chest dropping them to the ground. He noticed two briefcases lying on the ground and went to secure them.

The two female agents, Diamond and Heart, pursued Pharaoh and Acrobat who ran toward their awaiting airship. Acrobat reached inside her fanny pack, pulling out a flash grenade. She tossed it backward, blinding the chasing duo.

Pharaoh ran up the airship ramp as Acrobat untied the anchor rope so they could depart. “Where is the briefcase?!” he asked with beefy, flailing arms.

“I thought you had it! You didn’t want me to touch it,” she declared while quickly winding the anchor rope in her hands.

“We left it back there? Tell Crazy to bring it!” he ordered with seething frustration.

Club vs Crazy

While fighting, Crazy Ant managed to remove his adversary’s helmet. Club’s dark-skinned face grimaced in pain. With the back of his gloved hand, he wiped the sweat from his bald head and shortly trimmed goatee. Like veteran ring fighters, they circled around each other, trading vicious punches. The two wobbled about showing signs of fatigue. They raised their right arms and traded final knock-out blows on each other’s jaws. Both fell to the ground in slow motion.

Pharaoh saw his strong man fall incapacitated and threw his head into the sky, “Life is so unfair!”

“Both of you stop and raise your hands,” Diamond ordered Pharaoh and his accomplice with a rifle that was not directly pointed at them and with her head down, shaking. It was apparent the agents still struggled to regain their sight.

“Let’s leave!” Pharaoh ordered the airship pilot to depart. Acrobat slammed the button to retract the ramp.

Diamond began randomly firing her rifle in an attempt to stop them from escaping.

Spade ran toward them, “Disengage! Disengage! Let them go!”

Heart screamed, “Diamond, stop! Stop!”

It was too late, the Flying Ant was struck multiple times, sparking a fire that spread. The airship passengers popped out of their doomed vessel, parachuting away from the burning ship.

The ladies blurry vision slowly returned to see the burning airship veer and crash into a nearby water tower, engulfing it in flames. Spade approached with the suitcases in hand. He stood beside them to watch helplessly as the events unfolded.

There was a mix of emotions. The fascination of seeing the burning inferno and an immense sense of dread at the property damage occurring before them, and the certainty of the chief’s wrath for causing it. A multitude of approaching screaming sirens could be heard and the smell of pungent smoke filled the air.

“Will the water from the tower put out the flames?” Heart wondered aloud. In response, the water tower shook and imploded, providing the answer. It would put out most of the fire, but also flood the nearby vicinity destroying additional property.

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